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Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint for Our Times – Unleashing Her Power in the 21st Century

Matthew Fox’s newest book honors medieval abbess/author/composer/ artist Hildegard of Bingen – a herald of the Divine Feminine, green prophet, and church reformer, newly named a saint and Doctor of the Church….
It has taken from the 12th century until now to declare Hildegard a Saint and Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church. In the pages of this book, Hildegard’s teachings – and warnings – live again. By pointing out the injustices of her time, we recognize them as the same injustices of our time – only magnified. Matthew Fox wields his pen passionately, putting us in touch with the animating and reforming power of Hildegard as she urges us to “wake up.” Dare we ignore her plea?



Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade Has Imperiled the Church and How It Can Be Saved

Now In Paperback!
The Pope’s War offers a provocative look at three decades of corruption in the Catholic Church, focusing on Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, and how the devastation the past two papacies has wrought can be a blessing in disguise to reinvent Christianity for a third millennium.

Book Review :

5.0 out of 5 stars Everything you need to know in one place about what’s wrong,  — Thomas Patrick Doyle

“Matt Fox, who has been in the forefront of theology, spirituality and Christian community for almost half a century has written a fascinating and “right-on-target” book that fearlessly goes where many fear to tread….right to the heart of the matter…. Twenty years ago Matt’s thinking on spirituality, creation theology and living liturgy may have seemed radical to many but today it comes through as a massive breath of air, not just fresh air but air…a commodity not much in evidence in the present-day institution which appears every day to be choking more and more on its own self-created vacuum.”



365 Readings and Meditations

“One of the  Best Spiritual Books of the Year 2011” — Library Journal

The 365 writings in Christian Mystics represent a wide-ranging sampling of these readings for modern-day seekers of all faiths — or no faith.

Book Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Christian collections will find this inspirational and unusual. — Midwest Book Review

“CHRISTIAN MYSTICS: 365 READINGS AND MEDITATIONS tells how traditional Western educational systems have neglected mysticism since the 16th century, offering instead an academic approach to religion and the soul. This collects a variety of quotes from Christianity’s greatest mystics over the past two thousand years, exploring and celebrating the mystical path of Christianity over the last two thousand years and offering commentary on these revelations…”




Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine

It is no secret that men are in trouble today. From war to ecological collapse, most of the world’s critical problems stem from a distorted masculinity out of control. Yet our culture rewards the very dysfunctions responsible for those problems.

To Matthew Fox, our crucial task is to open our minds to a deeper understanding of the healthy masculine than we receive from our media, culture, and religions.

Book Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Playful Spiritual Sourcebook for Men with Vivid Images to Mix and Match David Crumm

“Think of this as a sort of spiritual workbook for men. No, there’s no fill-in-the-blanks section here. It’s not a journal. But Fox has divided the first part of his book into 10 spiritual archetypes that men can explore in trying to make sense of their own inner journeys. As I began reading the book, I started shaking my head at the limitations of this archetype or that one. Then, I began to see that Fox is taking us on a tour of these various archetypes, so that he can urge readers to sit down and begin weaving their own tapestries out of these powerful metaphors. He’s interested not in specific archetypes, but in the convergence of all of them.
Toward the end, Fox writes, “the 10 archetypes in this book are metaphors. They are useful ways to embody and conceptualize ideas or ways of being. And they are meant to be playful.” To help readers start this work of weaving, then, a lengthy appendix to the book lists scores of questions to go step by step, exploring the strength of each image…”



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