New Hope?
Matthew Fox Comments on Pope Francis

Editors, reporters, bloggers: It has been said that Matthew Fox’s recent book, The Pope’s War,“connects the dots like no other book out there on what has been going on in the papacy for the past 42 years.”  It covers the sexual, financial and return of the Inquisition scandals among other things.

Dr. Fox invites interviews on this and other topics. To schedule an interview, contact Dennis Edwards, Executive Assistant, at 510-835-0655 or
Following are some of the interviews Dr. Fox has given regarding the new Pope.



(Article) Is Pope Francis a Fraud?


(Article) Pope Ratzinger’s War on Social Justice

The Real News

The following interview was broadcast on The Real News (see the transcript here):

Institute for Public Accuracy

(Article) Pope Among The Poor – Against Liberation Theology – Complicit With Dirty War

Upfront: KPFA’s Top Morning News Show

(Audio Interview) Matthew Fox Comments on New Pope

One thought on “New Hope?
Matthew Fox Comments on Pope Francis

  1. Jody Walker

    Thank you, Matthew for your wisdom and your wonderful work for humanity. I respect your opinion and have been very inspired by your writings and commitment.


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