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In his interview with Whitley Strieber of “Dreamland: Journeys to the Extreme Edge,” Matthew Fox discusses Meister Eckhart: A Mystic-Warrior for Our Times, as well as his own transcendent vision of Christianity. (Note – it’s necessary to subscribe to the site before you can download the interview)

In his interview with international relationship coach MaryAnne Comaroto, Matthew Fox explored the ways in which Meister Eckhart challenges us to a deeper expression of what it means to be human, moving away from pro-forma religion to a deep lived spirituality of conscience and consciousness.

“Joy is not the opposite of suffering or pain – joy is what sees us through both.” Matthew Fox speaks about how to live a joyous life despite our dire world circumstances, in conversation with Blog Talk Radio host Kokomon Clottey of
A Happiness Index.

Unity FM hosts a discussion between Matthew Fox and Adam Bucko on the topic “Occupy Spirituality and Live in Service of Compassion and Justice”

Darren Main of Inquire Within interviews Matthew Fox and Skylar Wilson about the Cosmic Mass.

Ina powerful interview with The Art of Change, Matthew talks openly about the suppression of the feminine in the Church and what can be done to restore the feminine to her rightful place, he talks about the new Pope and his hopes for change, and how he has sought to explore the experiential side of religion (Note: this file will not play on Firefox; use Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer instead).

Matthew is interviewed on “Background Briefing with Ian Masters,” about the Pope’s call for reform and a more compassionate church regarding inequality.

Bob Hieronimus of 21st Century Radio interviews Matthew Fox The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, Hildegard, Pope Francis, the Cosmic Christ and more.

Baruch Zeichner interviews Matthew Fox on his formative experiences, Hildegard, environmental justice, activism and creative anger, and the Christ Path Seminar, on Paradigms,

The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, Hildegard (and more) Bob Hieronimus of 21st Century Radio interviews Matthew Fox on Mother’s Day, 2013.

Paradigms Baruch Zeichner interviews Matthew Fox on Hildegard, environmental justice, activism and creative anger – among other things – on

The Two Languages of Spirit: Silence and Art  Matthew Fox and Tami Simon discuss spiritual awakening, the “Cosmic Mass,” group ritual and prayer, the reinvention of culture, and spirituality without religion on “Insights from the Edge/Weekly Wisdom.”

Hildegard of Bingen, Eros in the Vatican Christy Williams Dunton’, interviews Matthew Fox on KZMU Moab Community Radio Free Speech Friday.

Living On Purpose: Jesse Herriott, M.A., interviewed Matthew Fox about Hildegard of Bingen, A Saint for Our Times, The Pope’s War, and more on Unity Online Radio.

Matthew Fox on Spiritual Activism, Creation Spirituality, and CSC Gathering:  Dr. Zoh Hieronimus of 21st Century Radio interviewed Matthew Fox on spiritual activism, Creation Spirituality, and the 2012 Creation Spirituality Communities Gathering (downloadable audio file).

Lyceum 2012: Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox and Rev. Thomas Shepherd, Village Events & Voices, 2/6/2012
Discussing the Lyceum presentations, papers and theme, “The Church in the Future” (downloadable audio file)

A Conscious Life, interview with Dr. Jennifer Howard, Co-Creator Network, 1/11/2012
Beginning with the topics of mysticism and mystery, the role of darkness, and the need for silence and stillness, versus  fundamentalism, fascism, and the need to control,, and going on to explore Fox’s key principles and most recent books (listen online)

For a True Christianity with Ken Rose, What Now, 12/5/2011
Addressing questions of mysticism and core Christian principles, as well as the current state of the Church and Fox’s calls for reform (downloadable audio file)

Matthew Fox on The Pope’s War and the Rebirth of Christianity with Miriam Knight, New Consciousness Review, 10/6/2011
Exploring Fox’s searing indictment of Vatican corruption, protection of pedophiles, and suppression of theological inquiry and movements toward liberation and social justice…and his hopeful vision of a renewed and reformed church arising from the ashes (listen online)

Mind Matters – Guest Matthew Fox with Ajayan Borys, Mind Matters on Healthy You! Radio, 5/23/2011
Exploring mysticism as “the essence of the vital Christian experience, which transcends the bounds of religion and reveals the heart of spiritual humanity” (listen online – interview begins at 17:00).

An Hour with Matthew Fox with Pastor Paul John Roach, World Spirituality on Unity Online Radio, 5/25/2011
Discussing Christian Mystics: 365 Readings and Meditations (downloadable audio file)

Christian Mystics: An Interview with Matthew Fox with Steve Maraboli, Living & Being Free at Blog Talk Radio, 4/28/2011
Exploring the possibility of true religious renewal through the mystical dimension of faith (listen online)

Matthew Fox: Christian Mystics with Simran Singh, 11:11 Talk Radio, 4/7/2011
Exploring the mystical experience of unity with all that is, as the basis for true religion (listen online)

The Shadow Revealed in Scandal: Roman Catholicism at a Crossroads with Rev. Laura Bennett and Christopher Naughton, New World Radio, at Unity Online Radio, 3/18/2010
Discussing the shadow side of religion, the spiritual crisis that Roman Catholicism now faces, and how it may emerge as a more authentic force of love and spiritual awareness (downloadable audio file)

A Conversation with Matthew Foxwith Pastor Paul John Roach, World Spirituality on Unity Online Radio, 7/7/2009
Discussing The Hidden Spirituality of Men (downloadable audio file)

The Hidden Spirituality of Men with Steve Maraboli, Living & Being Free at Blog Talk Radio, 10/5/2008
Discussing spirituality and its role in a man’s life (listen online)

Living With Chaos
– a conversation between Matthew Fox and Dr. Ralph Abraham Science and Spirituality in Dialogue, recorded in November 2005 as part of IONS’ Conversations at the Edge lecture series.

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