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Matthew Fox’s lifetime of visionary spiritual theology, leading-edge pedagogy, post-modern forms of worship, and public witness for religious and social reform  has yielded a broad spectrum of news and commentary from the global media. The following are only a few of the many articles tracing his career and cultural impact.


Filmmaker/educator/blogger Antonia Marrero places Matthew Fox at the head of her list of Faces of Moral Courage in her passionate article in Huffington Post

Matthew Fox converses with Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on sacred ecology, unity consciousness, spiritual narcissism and bringing reverence for the earth into today’s ecological debate: Sacred Activism: Engaging Communities of Faith in Environmental Advocacy (transcript).

Mike Rivage-Seul recounts the transformative events of Matthew Fox’s recent visit to Berea, Kentucky in his blog post, When a Prophet Visits

Matthew Fox Talks Obedience and Courage, Young Adults and the Church, Jamie L. Manson, National Catholic Reporter, April 2, 2012

Former Dominican Sees Church’s Demise as Blessing in Disguise,  Jamie L. Manson, National Catholic Reporter, March 26, 2012

Canonization Coming for Hildegard, Michael Sigman, The Huffington Post, March 11, 2012

Theology in a 13.7 Billion-Year-Old Universe: Matthew Fox, Original Blessing, and Creation Spirituality, Carl Gregg, Pluralism, Progressivism, Pragmatism: A Protestant Pastor in a Postmodern World (blog), November 28, 2011

Theologian Matthew Fox, a former Catholic Priest Expelled by Ratzinger, invites Pope Benedict XVI and Others to Debate 95 Theses for a Christianity for a New Millennium  on Wednesday, May 18, Wittenberg, Germany, Op-Ed News, May 14, 2005

Cosmology, Creativity and Compassion: Matthew Fox Interviewed by K. Lauren de Boer, Earthlight Library: The Magazine of Spiritual Ecology, #42, Summer 2001

East-West Naropa Institute Plans to Open in Oakland: Move is part of Jerry Brown’s downtown plan By Rick DelVecchio, San Francisco Chronicle, February 5, 1999

Seeking the Feminine in God: Goddess worship accentuates female origins of the Almighty by Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times, November 3, 1998

Creation Spirituality with MATTHEW FOX, Ph.D.transcript of an interview with Jeffrey Mishlove on Thinking Allowed, 1998

 Making a Joyful Noise: Rev. Matthew Fox Hopes His Sweaty Rave Masses Will Change the Way We Pray, Raving My Religion, New York Times Magazine, June 22, 1997

Prayer Party — Techno Mass Rocks Religious in Oakland: Music, dance celebrate spirituality by Don Lattin, San Francisco Chronicle, February 25, 1997

Beyond a Job: Doing The Great Work – An Interview with Matthew Fox By Mary Nurrie Stearns on the website Personal Transformation: A Resource for Living Fully (page not dated)

A Supper with Matthew Fox; Roman Catholic Rebel Becomes a Cause Celebre, by Molly O’Neill, New York Times, March 17, 1993

Turbulent Priest Ministers to the New Age Soul: Martin Wroe meets the friar delivering ‘pagan heresy’ to packed churches by Martin Wroe, The Independent, UK, July 14, 1992

Matthew Fox confronts life outside the Catholic Church, The Toledo Blade, 28 March 1993

The Thoroughly Modern Mysticism of Matthew Fox, Christian Century, April 28, 1990 pp. 428-432


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