Caroline Myss

It is with a deep and profound pleasure for me to extend my best wishes to Matt on his 60th birthday. I met Matt as a graduate student in 1976 in Chicago. He opened up for me a new pathway to God with his school of Creation Spirituality.

I felt when I was in his classroom that I had entered into the natural personality of God – liberated, creative, loving, and non-suffering. My entire theology underwent a transformation, one that I desperately was seeking. I thrived in his classroom as I listened to this eccentric, brilliant theologian reshape the classic teachings of the mystics into contemporary inspiration and power.

I began my spiritual life because of having studied with Matt. I send so much love, gratitude, and prayers for God to watch over this much-needed prophet who has endured so much as a priest and as a human being on behalf of all of us. I , for one, will always adore him.