Over a 40-year, culture-changing career, Matthew Fox has earned words of praise from theologians, artists, authors, scientists, and thought-leaders around the world. Those listed below represent a few of this number:

Bede Griffiths, OSB Cam

“(Matthew Fox’s) creation spirituality is the spirituality of the future and his theology of the Cosmic Christ is the theology of the future.”

Bishop John Shelby Spong

“Your book, Original Blessing, was the work that first brought you to my attention. It was in many ways a breathtaking book because it challenged the core of the primary interpretative Christian myth that proclaimed the basic fallen sinfulness of human life.”


Thomas Berry

“When I think of Matt Fox I recall a passage written by Henry David Thoreau in his essay on Walking: “In Wildness is the Preservation of the World.”  For there is something wild in Matt, something primordial, a realization that humans are not here to control but to participate in the wonders of those vast cosmic phenomena beyond all human understanding.”


Sister Joan Chittister

“Those who illumine the questions of life walk a dangerous path.  They hold up for examination the very pilasters of the systems that depend on them for its credibility. They threaten old paradigms and open new possibility where once only cocksure certitude had been.  Galileo did such things and suffered for it.  Luther did such things and was exiled for it.  Matt Fox did such things and cast a light into the recesses of the medieval mind that was a whole world wide. He brought to light again the notions of basic wholeness and the essential goodness of creation. He gives us all new light into the nature of God in the nature of the self….”


Joerg Rieger

“Like Bartolome de Las Casas, Fox might be perceived as one of the theologians struggling against empire from within.  Like Las Casas, he is using stronger language than most of his contemporaries, comparing contemporary phenomena to the Holocaust, fascism, and other expressions of empires in the past….His work deserves serious attention because it has struck a nerve in our time and represents broad and forward-looking cultural and religious developments.”


Alan Jose

Fox is a prophet of our own times….His writing really sparkles, and is frequently reminiscent of the early works of Thomas Merton


Jeremy Taylor

“In many ways, it is tragic that Matthew Fox’s religious perspective is so radical. The planet would be a much healthier and happier place if the ancient tradition of creation spirituality, which Matt champions and articulates so clearly and persuasively here at the beginning of the new millennium, were simply the basic, foundational bench-mark of obvious religious and philosophical good sense that, by all historical rights, it should be.”


Charles Burack

“I first heard the name Matthew Fox in 1997.  Ana Matt, a friend from the East Bay Jewish community, told me that she and her husband had taught several courses at the Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality.  She explained that this was an interfaith Master’s program that Fox had established at Holy Names College in the Oakland hills.  Fox had recently been asked to leave the college because of his deeply ecumenical approach to spiritual education.  In 1996 he started up the University of Creation Spirituality in downtown Oakland.  Ana thought I’d enjoy meeting him and teaching at his new school.”


Carolyn Myss

“It is with a deep and profound pleasure for me to extend my best wishes to Matt on his 60th birthday. I met Matt as a graduate student in 1976 in Chicago. He opened up for me a new pathway to God with his school of Creation Spirituality.”


Genny Lim

“Many of us at the University of Creation Spiriuality have been former activist, cultural workers, artist and dreamers. As a poet and teacher of twenty years, I have experienced an identity struggle of oftentimes huge proportions in academic institutions, which are either too narrowly traditional or conservative or too dogmatic in its leftist ideology. When I first heard about UCS it sounded too good to be true. Its philosophic mission to foster a creation spirituality institute that would teach diverse spiritual systems in a non-sectarian way was always a dream of my own. Yet here was a man with the wherewithal to make it happen!”


Robert Rice

“When I met Father Matthew Fox at Holy Names College in Oakland, California, I know immediately I was talking with someone who had genuine interest in my work. He encouraged me to describe in detail the ideas I had developed using the arts as healing. Others had listened to these ideas with a mix of skepticism and polite indifference but Matt (I had already dropped the Father Fox formality) got excited and started asking engaging questions particularly about my life on the farm and my work in art and dance with cancer patients.”