The Legacy Lingers: Will a New Pope Bring Change?

Matthew Fox comments on the dismissal of peace witness John Dear from the Jesuit Order:

“I wish John Dear much strength and peace in what is sure to be still more commitment to peace and justice. I also thank him as do millions of others for his generous and courageous witness to Gospel values all these years. I am sad at the news and the deja vu reality of his story which sounds so familiar to my own and hundreds of others within the Catholic Church of the past 34 years.

One hopes that the new pope, whose message seems to be genuinely Gospel-based, will be successful to putting an end to the spiritual timidity of the male religious orders and what the priesthood has become under the last two papacies.”


Silenced, Expelled, or Banished Theologians
and Pastoral Leaders Under Ratzinger

(Excerpted from The Pope’s War: Why Ratzinger’s Secret Crusade Has Imperiled the Church and How It Can Be Saved)

It is good that we remember those who tried to serve but were banished in doing so. This list is only partial, and of course it continues to grow. As one editor of a Catholic newspaper wrote to me: “Some theologians are not publicly disenfranchised but nonetheless are marginalized and in effect banned. Friends in these jobs tell me moral theology is basically dead in RC institutions because of the chill.” It is a strange organization indeed that fires its thinkers and leaders, those who respond to the “signs of the times.”

The work of these various persons varied as did their sentences. For example, some were fired from their jobs as editors of Catholic journals, others were expelled from their orders or expelled from their teaching positions, and some were hounded. All were tainted by the accusations from Rome, and many had to withdraw from their ministries. Some were rendered homeless; others died of heart attacks under the pressure. It is the people they served who were punished the most by the detour of distraction from their work that it took to defend themselves and ultimately by their absence. That is why a wailing wall is appropriate – a grieving ritual to remember and process all we have lost, all that might have been. And as a thank-you for their generous service.

  1. Jon Sobrino, S.J (El Salvador, born in Spain)
  2. Bernard Haring, CSsR (Germany)
  3. Sr. Lavinia Byrne, IBVM (UK)
  4. Jacques Dupres, SJ (France)
  5. Thomas Reese, SJ (USA)
  6. Professor Michael Buckley (USA )
  7. Fr. Philip S. Keane, SS (USA)
  8. Fr. John McNeil, SJ (USA)
  9. David Hollenbach, SJ (USA)
  10. Anthony de Mello, SJ (Indian Goan priest)
  11. Michael Morwood (Victoria, Australia)
  12. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton (Detroit, USA)
  13. Archbishop Paulo Evaristo Arns (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  14. Jose Antonio Pagola (Basque)
  15. Fr. Hans Kung (Switzerland)
  16. Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx, OP (Holland)
  17. Fr. Charles Curran (USA)
  18. Fr. Leonardo Boff, OFM (Brazil)
  19. Fr. Anthony Kosnik (USA)
  20. Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez (Peru)
  21. Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ (Germany)
  22. Fr. Matthew Fox, OP (USA)
  23. Sr. Mary Agnes Mansour, RSM (USA)
  24. Sr. Elizabeth Morancy, RSM (USA)
  25. Sr. Arlene Violet, RSM (USA)
  26. Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen (Seattle, USA)
  27. Fr. Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua)
  28. Fr. Robert Nugent (USA)
  29. Sr. Jeannine Gramick (USA)
  30. Sr. Barbara Ferraro, SND (USA)
  31. Sr. Patricia Hussey, SND (USA
  32. Miguel d’Escoto, Maryknoll (Nicaragua)
  33. Fr. Edgar Parrales (Nicaragua)
  34. Uriel Molina, OFM (Nicaragua)
  35. Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Haiti)
  36. Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, OMI (Sri Lanka)
  37. Fr. Eugen Drewermann (Germany)
  38. Sr. Ivone Gebara, SND (Brazil)
  39. Bishop Jacques Gaillot (France)
  40. Fr. Fernando Cardenal, SJ (USA)
  41. Fr. Roger Haight, SJ (USA)
  42. Sr. Margaret McBride (USA)
  43. Fr. Andre Guindon (Canada)
  44. Bishop Remi DeRoo (Canada, forcibly retired)
  45. Bishop Pedro Casaldaliga (Brazil)
  46. Fr. Paul Collins (Australia)
  47. Sr. Jane Kelly (USA)
  48. Bishop Helder Camara (Brazil)
  49. Fr. Gyorgy Bulanyi (Hungary)
  50. Don Luigi Sartori (Italy)
  51. Fr. Eugenio Melandri (Italy)
  52. Fr. Paul Valadier, SJ (France)
  53. Don Vittorio Cristelli (Italy)
  54. Bishop Bartolome Carrasco Briseno (Mexico)
  55. Fr. Philippe Denis, OP (France)
  56. Bishop Samuel Ruiz (Mexico)
  57. Teresa Berger (Germany)
  58. Fr. Renato Kizito Sesana (Kenya)
  59. Don Leonardo Zega (Italy)
  60. Fr. John Sye Kongseok (Korea)
  61. Fr. Paul Cheong Yang-mo (Korea)
  62. Fr. Edouard Ri Jemin (Korea)
  63. Jacques Dupuis, SJ (Belgium)
  64. Luigi Lombardi Vallauri (Italy)
  65. Fr. Jim Callan (USA)
  66. Monsignor Luigi Marinelli (Italy)
  67. Reinhard Messner (Austria)
  68. Fr. Marciano Vidal (Spain)
  69. Josef Imbach, OFM (Italy)
  70. Don Franco Barbero (Italy
  71. Fr. Cipriano Carini, OSB (Italy)
  72. Juan Jose Tamayo (Spain)
  73. Don Vitaliano Della Sala (Italy)
  74. Rev. Mary Ramerman (USA)
  75. Rev. Ludmila Javorova (Czechoslovakia)
  76. Bishop Felix Maria Davidek (Czechoslovakia)
  77. Rev. Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger (Austria)
  78. Rev. Adelinde Theresia Roitinger (Austria)
  79. Rev. Gisela Forster (Germany)
  80. Rev. Iris Muller (Germany)
  81. Rev. Ida Raming (Germany)
  82. Rev. Pia Brunner (Germany)
  83. Rev. Angela White (Austria and USA)
  84. Fr. Edward Cachia (Canada)
  85. Fr. Clodovis Boff (Brazil)
  86. Fr. Bill Callahan, SJ (USA)
  87. Fr. Johannes Metz (Germany)
  88. Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ (Spain)
  89. Fr. Alvaro Arguello (Nicaragua)
  90. Fr. Jacques Pohier, OP (France)
  91. Archbishop Oscar Romero (El Salvador)
  92. Fr. John Dear, SJ (USA)
  93. Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM (USA)
  94. Bishop William Morris (Australia)
  95. Elizabeth A. Johnson (USA)
  96. Fr. Jose Maria Vigil, CMF (Spain)
  97. Fr. Jose Comblin, CMF (Spain)
  98. Bishop George Robinson (Australia)
  99. Fr. Willigis Jager, OSB (Germany

12 thoughts on “WAILING WALL

  1. Barbara McWilliams

    “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town” Matthew 10:14

  2. Louis

    I know the pain of being a church leader and being engulfed in
    painful situations that result in the alienation and ultimately choosing to leave the institutional church itself.
    In my case a fund Baptist 200 year old church.
    It’s awful. But the good news is that “Original Blessing” is truly helping me. (I’m 54 and I’m reading it for the first time in 2012) Words cannot describe the deep joy and satisfaction I have experienced reading this book. If the gestalt idea is to not ‘solve’ problems but gain perspective on them and operate from a higher plane, this book will help many us. May God grant us all wisdom,peace and love. Louis

  3. Marlene Oaks

    It is amazing the history of exclusion of those are either spiritually awake or waking up.

    I was once a New Thought minister, but they moved away from me by declaring they were not Christian. I am active in an Episcopal Church now, but I find a lack of depth, and I hunger for more.

    The books by Matthew Fox have been instrumental in my journey, especially “Original Blessing” and “Cosmic Christ.” I would love to find such a community in my area and have spiritual conversations that go deeper.

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  5. Patricia

    I have been following you since the 80’s when I used “Cosmic Christ” to help a teenager in crisis. He is now 38 and still following his dream. I still have the original cassette tapes. I also met you in Florida at a Conference many years ago, in fact your presence was my reason for going. Thank you.

    I am thrilled that you are bringing out Hildegaard. My study group studied her in depth and what an amazing spirit she was!

    You have touched many people from different religions and spiritual beliefs. I really do appreciate you.

  6. Mary Latela

    Brother Matthew:
    The day after Ratzinger announced his retirement, I ordered The Pope’s War …. reading it was amazing! Truth-telling … tearing the harmful veil of secrecy … reaffirming what I thought I had worked through 20 years ago … I am free … I am an adult child of the Cosmos …
    the doctrine which was like a prison has fallen away and now there’s more room for the mystical and the practice of kindness. Thank you SO much. A year ago, When a friend gave me a copy of Confessions: the Making of a Post-denominational Priest, I started to wake up … now I think my vision is quite bright! M. Latela

  7. emma green

    hi, I’m a big fan of yours if that’s the right word. My husband and I are liberal Catholics, right on the “edge” of the church. Because of our fundamental belief in transubstatiation, really the Catholic church is the only true place for us. BUT we weep, when we see people like Father Dear and yourself being hounded out. What would Jesus say? Many long years ago i first met Jesus through a Catholic at College and Jesus remains for me the greatest radical who ever lived- what a pity that His one true church seeks so often to stifle Him.


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